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How to Connect PVC Pipe to other Fittings

Connecting PVC pipe is a multi-step process requiring some tools. All of these landscape supply tools can be found on our website. Before you start with the process, it is best to lay all of the required items out in front of you to inventory them. To begin, you will need to choose what type and size PVC fittings you will need. It is important to choose the correct sizing, because it will influence what type of cement and primer you will need. This article assumes that you are connecting some type of PVC Fittings Schedule 40 with a Schedule 40 Pipe Length. The first step is to apply the primer to the fitting and pipe ends. The correct primer in this instance would be the Weld On Primer, Purple, #P-70. The PVC Primer will soften and prepare the PVC fitting and PVC Pipe Length for the glue that will be used when connecting the parts together.

Choosing the cement may be the most important step in the process. PVC Fittings Direct recommends using cement made by IPS Weld-On or RED HOT GLUE by T. Christy.

Before applying the cement, you need to stir it well. After stirring, liberally apply it to both the pipe end and fitting socket. Add one more layer of cement to the pipe end, and then quickly assemble the fitting and pipe, ensuring a full and complete connection. Finally, wipe away the excess and let it dry. (Drying times will vary depending on the glue making so it is important that you read the manufacturer's instructions.)