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Tools & Accessories

  • PVC Pipe Cutter Tool - Gray
    $7.99 PVC Pipe Cutter Tool - Cuts Pipe Up to 1" Nominal Size
    This ratcheting PVC pipe cutter is perfect for PVC projects and small plumbing jobs! This PVC pipe cutting tool makes cutting pipe easy. Simply pull the handles apart, insert pipe (up to 1-5/8" OD), and begin squeezing the...
  • Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter - Red
    $44.56 Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter - Cuts Up to 2" Nominal Size
    These heavy-duty PVC cutters are perfect for when you need precise cuts on piping as large as 2" in nominal size (2-3/8" OD). With ratcheting operation and long handles, this pipe cutter is easy to operate and gets the job...