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How to Cut PVC Pipe

PVC pipe has quickly become one of the easiest industrial piping substances to be incorporated into the average household. PVC pipe is no longer only used for piping, it can also be used for numerous around the house do-it-yourself projects. Due to the fact that PVC pipe can be cut so easily, average homeowners can perform the procedure themselves.

To cut PVC, all you need are a few simple tools and guidelines to keep you safe and maximize the piece of PVC Pipe you are cutting. The most recommended tool is a normal PVC Pipe cutter. These can be purchased directly from pvcfittingsdirect.com or well stocked hardware store. In addition, if a PVC Pipe cutter isn't available, you can use a normal wheeled tubing cutter or a fine toothed saw to cut the pipe.

Generally one should always cut the longest pieces of the pipe first in order to maximize the amount of usable pipe. You should always measure and mark the length of pipe you want to cut with a pencil or marker to make sure you cut the right length of PVC pipe.

One of the most important things to remember is to cut as straight and square as possible. You want the edge of the cut pipe to be flat and sanded down, not sharp or burred. You can sand down the pipes edge with sand paper, a file or a razor knife.

These few steps will set you up with PVC Pipe Lengths of whatever length you need for your home project. Just remember, if you are gluing the pipe lengths together later, you need to wipe and clean down the ends of the pipe before you apply glue in order for it to hold well.

Last but not least, PVCFittingsDirect.com has all the tools needed to make cutting PVC Pipe simple and easy. Additionally, if you don't feel like cutting the pipe yourself, PVCFittingsDirect provides a cost effective alternative with our Precut Schedule 40 Pipe Lengths.