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How to Fix PVC Pipe

In case your PVC pipe breaks, we at PVC Fittings Direct can teach you the simple and cheap method required to repair the broken pipe. It requires just a few steps, and your pipes will be functioning like new.

PVC Pipe Repair using a Standard Coupling

  1. First identify the broken area of the PVC Pipe Length, and cut the pipe on both sides of the broken part using a hacksaw or a PVC Pipe cutter. After cutting, clean the ends of the pipes and sand them down so nothing disrupts the seal.
  2. Next, take a coupling of the right size for your pipe, and make sure it fits and connects the pipe. If you cant move the pipe because it is stuck in the ground or immobile, then you can try getting an expansion repair coupling to connect the two pieces of pipe. (See Instructions below)
  3. Now that you have made sure that the coupling or expansion repair coupling fits snugly on the PVC Pipe Lengths, put some primer on the ends of the pipe you would like to fix as well as the coupling you are going to use to connect the pipes. Let the primer dry for a few moments and then go to the next step.
  4. You're almost done. All you have to do now is put a good coating of PVC Cement Glue on both ends of the pipe and the coupling, connect them and hold them in place for about 30 seconds, and you're finished. Just remember to wipe off the excess PVC Cement, and your pipes are officially in working order.

PVC Pipe Repair Using an Expansion Repair Coupling

  1. PREPARE: Glue a coupling to the spigot end. When the Repair Coupling is compressed, the spigot end will "lock” to the body, and not rotate.
  2. CUT: Compress the Repair Coupling, cut the damaged section of pipe to the length of the Repair Coupling. De-bur and bevel both pipe ends.
  3. GLUE: Grasp the Repair Coupling body; use a 1/4-turn motion. Glue the coupling end to the first pipe end; glue the body to the second pipe cut.
  4. CLEAN: Wipe off any excess glue and you are done.

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