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PVC Ball Valves

At PVCFittingsDirect.com we carry a huge line of PVC products, ranging from the most frequently used items, such as tees, elbows, caps and other PVC fittings, to the more uncommon items like PVC Ball Valves. However, because we are so very customer service oriented, we would like you to know as much as possible about all types of PVC products.

PVC ball valves serve essentially the same purpose as a normal copper or brass ball valve, however they are simply made of PVC (we will explain what this means later in the article). In case you don't know what the purpose of a ball valve is in general, it is simply a valve that opens by turning a handle that is attached to a ball inside the valve. When the handle is turned, the ball either closes off the valve or opens it depending which way you turn the handle. The purpose of having a valve like a ball valve is to shutoff an irrigation line in case of emergency. If there is a leak somewhere, and you don't want to shut off the water at your home, you can use a ball valve that is already in place to cut the water off from the section of your irrigation system that is leaking. This then allows you to repair the break or leak.

PVC Ball Valves fit this purpose the same as a metal ball valve does. However, they have a few differences from metal ball valves. PVC ball valves can be purchased as threaded ball valves or slip ball valves, where metal ball valves can only be threaded. Additionally, PVC ball valves have a lower pressure threshold than metal ball valves but are adequate for normal irrigation system demands. Additionally, PVC ball valves provide the ease of use and simplicity that metal products simply can't match up to.