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PVC Furniture Fittings

PVC furniture fittings are a special type of fitting commonly used for PVC based construction projects. Stronger than most normal types of PVC, this type of PVC is often used in the construction of chairs, greenhouses, tent skeletons, carts, outdoor furniture, and many other PVC projects. PVC furniture fittings are a great example of the applicability of PVC to your personal world, rather then simply being limited to the landscaping, irrigation, or electrical industries.

What makes PVC furniture fittings perfect for these construction projects? PVC furniture fittings are a custom composite made of two types of PVC that are placed under extreme heat and pressure and fused together. The PVC used at the core of the fittings is a stronger industrial grade, while the outside layer is more "like the enamel on a tooth.” This outer layer is quite a bit more expensive, appearing glossy to the eye and touch. It acts like a resistant cap that will weather most damage and degradation caused by sunlight.

PVC furniture fittings offer several qualities that will more then offset the cost difference between Furniture Fittings and regular PVC Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 Fittings. To begin with, PVC furniture fittings offer extra strength and weather resistance, while still allowing the fitting to remain flexible making it a great boon for projects requiring better load bearing, or projects that will remain above ground for extended periods of time. In addition, PVC furniture fittings display no printing, are crack resistant, glossy for aesthetic appearance, and are protected from UV light deterioration. Again, all of these qualities make them the perfect landscape supply to use for an outdoor project like a chair, awning, tent, etc.

Here at PVC Fittings Direct we offer many types of PVC furniture fittings to help you with landscape/irrigation supply based home projects. Our 5 way side outlet crosses, 4 way side outlet tees, and 3 way side outlet elbows can be combined with the PVC fitting Schedule 40 products that we offer to enable you to complete a long lasting, strong home project with ease.