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Uses of PVC Unions

There are a few different types of unions used in landscaping, plumbing, and general piping work, but here at PVC Fittings Direct we carry only the more malleable and economical PVC Union. However, the idea behind the union is the same in all cases. The information provided in this article should help you learn the purpose of all types of unions, and the benefits of a PVC union.

A pipe union is a type of fitting that is used to connect two pipes together while providing an easy way to disconnect the pipes in case that is necessary. The union will create a seal between two pipes so that one does not need to use the conventional glued coupling method, of a PVC fitting and glue to connect two pipe lengths together. The union would generally replace the use of a PVC coupling in connecting pipes.

Furthermore, there are a few different types of unions, including specialized unions that prevent corrosion, acid transfer, and electric currents from passing through the liquid in pipelines. These are more specialized, and we don't carry these at PVC Fittings Direct, but can be purchased at many local hardware stores.

The benefits of using PVC unions compared to other types of unions should be apparent by now. PVC unions are inexpensive alternatives to metal and other unions. They have lower pressure and heat ratings, but in most cases PVC unions will be more than capable for the job you are doing. PVC unions are also eco-friendly, and are more malleable and easier to use than the alternative. PVC unions can be great additions to almost all type of do it yourself landscaping jobs now that you know how to use them. So now that you are outfitted with this knowledge, hopefully everyone can put it to good use on your own projects. Remember to check out PVC Fittings Direct for any other PVC items you may need In the process of your job.