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Uses of Snap Tee Fittings

What is the Snap Tee Fitting by Dura Plastics, how and why do we use it?

Over at PVC Fittings Direct we have a large selection of different PVC fittings for our customers to choose from. Some are more obscure than others, and we write these articles to help our customers get acquainted with the more obscure fittings. One such obscure concept is the idea of Snap Tee Fittings.

Snap fittings have a variety of uses. They can be used in normal landscaping projects or in do it yourself home building type projects. When used in normal landscaping, snap tees are used to connect pipe in the middle of a pipe length where there is no outlet for the liquid. For example if you have a 10 foot piece of pipe, and need to connect something in the middle of the pipe, say 5 feet in, that should be impossible because there is no where to connect a fitting. Snap tees solve this problem. All you need to do is snap the fitting onto the pipe where you want, and glue it in the correct position. Then you simply need to drill a hole through the pipe where the tee extends perpendicular to the Pipe length. Voila, you have a way to connect the two pieces of pipe in a way you couldn't before.

Snap tees as we mentioned, are also useful for do it yourself home projects. They are used similar to Lego blocks, to connect pieces of pipe together to form a structure rather than run a liquid through. They can be used in projects like building luggage racks, building green houses, as well as making PVC furniture. In many of our upcoming blog articles and content posts you will see how we use PVC snap tees to create many do it yourself projects.