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What is PVC?

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is the synthetic polymer used to manufacture a wide array of landscape supplies known as PVC fittings and pipes. The acronym PVC will appear heavily in all literature referencing PVC Pipe lengths, PVC Fittings (both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80), and all landscape supplies, so its best to get accustomed to it early if you plan on learning more about the irrigation industry.

PVC is an environmentally friendly alternative to most plastics, as it is 57% chlorine and requires less crude oil to manufacture then competing plastic products.

It is most commonly used in the landscape supply and plumbing supply industries. PVC's malleability and easy of use have led to its dominance of the water distribution and sanitation industries; replacing metal piping as the piping method of choice. Even so, there are limits to PVC pipes ability to handle certain loads, and for this reason metal piping has remained the method of choice for jobs requiring very high strength or ease of disconnection.

The PVC fitting industry has blossomed into a large portion of the landscape industry. The following is a rather comprehensive list of landscape supplies that are made of PVC:

Schedule 40 and 80 PVC Fittings: Examples: Couplings; Male Adapters; Female Adapters; 45 and 90 degree elbows; 90 degree street elbows; 90 degree side outlet elbows; reducing, snap, side outlet, and regular Tees; side outlet and regular crosses, caps; plugs; reducer bushings; Marlex Riser Extensions; WYE Fittings; and garden hose fittings.

PVC Pipe Nipples Schedule 80

PVC Insert Fittings

PVC Furniture Fittings

PVC Ball Valves

PVC Unions

Schedule 40 Pipe Lengths

PVC UVR Fittings