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Working with PVC as a Wood Alternative

PVC is one of the most versatile landscape supplies. Schedule 40 Pipe Lengths can be used as an alternative to all sorts of materials at home, the most common of which is wood. Wood and PVC display many similar properties, are both cheap, and both can be manipulated easily and used effectively at home. All tools that work with wood such as saws, drills, painting materials, etc. can be used just as effectively with PVC!

For instance, when cutting PVC, one can use a fine hacksaw to keep the ends even and flat. Or, one can also use conventional PVC cutters, resembling pruning shears to get the job done. More detailed instructions for Cutting PVC can be found on our resource center.

PVC can be painted in the same way as wood. The same tools for cutting are used when painting. The painting process is also described in greater detail on our resource center.

Among other qualities, PVC is quite malleable. It can be bent slightly when normal temperature, but when heated up a bit, it becomes quite workable. This provides a slight advantage over the rigidity of wood. PVC's malleability combined with its relative ease to work with allow a great range of possibilities.

Possibilities for using PVC Pipe Lengths and PVC Fittings as wood alternatives are:

  • Row Hoops
  • Storage Containers
  • Hanging Planters
  • Pet Feeders
  • Cold Frame Cover
  • Bird house frame
  • Bird feeder
  • Awnings Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Greenhouse
  • Tarp Holders
  • Scaffold
  • Chair frame
  • Fencing