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Health and Safety with PVC Pipes

Health and Safety with PVC Pipes

Nearly all chemically made products have certain health hazards one should be conscious of, and PVC is certainly no exception. If you have read the article What is PVC? you know that PVC is a synthetic polymer that is quite environmentally friendly. It uses very little hazardous materials, and very little crude oil unlike other comparable items, such as rubber.

However, many PVC products are sold with additives that change the properties of PVC. Sometimes these additives are known to spread into their surroundings, potentially being harmful. Plasticizers are among the most common of these additives. They are used to soften PVC, but are generally not used in PVC unless the pipe is to be used in below freezing temperatures.

Exposure to some of the base chemicals used to manufacture PVC has been linked to a rare liver cancer, however, in recent years many steps have been taken to ensure that workers are not exposed to dangerous chemicals during the manufacturing process, and this form of cancer is now almost entirely non-existent.

Even though PVC is a relatively safe product, one can never be too cautious with chemical based materials. Additionally, PVC Pipes and Fittings are often dusty and dirty, so you should always make sure to clean them thoroughly before working with them, and remember to adhere to high standards of hygiene in order to prevent illness. We at PVC Fittings Direct hope this was useful, and urge you to please exercise proper safety measures while you work. Many PVC products contain chemical additives meant to change the properties of PVC. Some products have been known to leach these additives into their surroundings. Of particular concern are popular additives that soften the PVC called plasticizers. Plasticizers are not typically used in PVC pipe unless special piping is required to operate under stress at temperatures below freezing.

In manufacturing, a rare liver cancer can be developed from long term exposure to PVC's originating monomer, vinyl chloride. However, health risks associated with manufacturing PVC pipe have been mostly eliminated since the PVC industry's adoption of a "closed loop" polymerization process in the 1970's

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